Mark management without limits.

With School Marks you never need to ask again what your last mark in e.g. physics was. Also you never have to figure out what’s your current average. From now on you can manage all your marks organized in one app. Your average will be calculated automatically.

You definitely know the problem of unusual weightings. For example, the weighting 40% oral marks, 50% classtests and 10% others is often difficult. School Marks allows setting your own weight and combine marks in categories. You are free to define an unlimited number of sub-categories. So you’ll be able to manage all your marks at a glance. With School Marks, it’s easier than ever to keep an eye on your current average - so there will never be nasty surprises in your report.

★ Free nesting of all marks in categories!
★ Easy customizable weighting!
★ The average is calculated automatically
★ Batch creation of marks
★ Elegant design
★ Ad-Free!

Additional Features of the Pro version:
★ Templates to quickly create categories
★ Import/Export marks to an XML file
★ Share your marks with your friends
★ Statistics

Supported languages:
★ English
★ German

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