FAQ: Taskmanager

Can I translate the app?

That would be awesome. Please keep in mind that the app no longer works correctly on Android Nougat and up. For details, you can read the section in this FAQ. If you are still interested in translating, just write me a message using the contact form on this website or by sending an email from within the app. I will send you a link to a website where you can easily translate the app without needing to worry about the technical details.

Why does the app no longer work on Android Nougat?

Google removed the possibility to retrieve running apps in Android 7. It is no longer possible to use any kind of Taskmanager starting from Nougat. There are some ways to retrieve recently used apps instead of actually running apps. Most Taskmanagers that are focused on generating profit just display this list and claim that they are still running. Instead of fooling users, I decided to be honest. If you have rooted your device, you can still use the Taskmanager to see actually running apps on Android Nougat and newer.

Why doesn’t the app have auto-kill?

Auto kill needs the app to run a background service. I don’t want to add additional background services as they consume more battery than they save. Android analyzes your app usage to reduce loading times. Killing apps regularly confuses the algorithm. I suggest to just kill apps when they hang or when they are really cpu intensive and keep running in background. Killing apps that keep restarting themselves consumes more battery than just letting them run.

Why don’t you show the amount of memory consumed by each app?

The amount of memory is not relevant. Android tries to fill the RAM as much as possible, so apps can start faster. Filled RAM does not need more battery than empty RAM and if an app needs more RAM, background apps get kicked out automatically. Additionally, the amount of RAM that an app uses usually changes too frequently to provide useful information.