FAQ: Volume Manager

Can I translate the app?

That would be awesome. If you are interested in translating, just write me a message using the contact form on this website or by sending an email from within the app. I will send you a link to a website where you can easily translate the app without needing to worry about the technical details.

Can the app lock the current volume settings?

The app does not offer a way to lock the current volume settings. The reason is that Android does not support locking the volume. Apps that lock the volume just start a background service that re-sets the volume every few seconds. Because this needs a lot of battery, the feature was not implemented.

It is actually your device that links the volume channels. Volume Manager only sets one of them and the system moves the others. Some devices have a setting that allows to disable this behavior. Unfortunately, many manufacturers do not provide an option to do this. If there is no option in the Settings app, there is nothing a normal app like Volume Manager could do to change that behavior.

Why doesn’t the app show the active profile?

Independently from the profile icons, you can always use the volume buttons of your device to change the volume. This could change the fact which profile is active. To react to the volume buttons, the app would need to start a background service. Background services need some amount of battery and influence the performance of the device. I try to keep my apps as simple as possible and focused to one single task. Therefore, I decided to not show the active profile.

Is there a way to automatically switch profiles?

I try to keep the app as simple and battery friendly as possible. Because switching profiles automatically needs a background service, I decided to not add that feature.